Pamela's NEW Workout Firmware Updates

PLEASE READ the following before attempting to upgrade your firmware on your device.
(SEE HERE for Youtube videos of upgrade procedure are now available for both PC and Mac)

-> Always check your current firmware version before updating! (Power on with program knob held down to see 'PAM OS' version)

-> Carefully read the firmware installation instructions in the manual.

-> If you are using a Mac with recent OS, strongly recommend you try the GUI updater app before you try the terminal update method. To use; connect Pam via usb, open app, click browse to select firmware .bin file (downlaod below) then click flash.

-> DO NOT have euro power or expanders connected to module when updating. Just the USB cable should be connected. The Pam display will remain BLANK.

-> If your device is not recognised by your computer, try a different known working USB cable! Avoid 'charge only' cables.

-> You need to check the 'Rev' version printed on the back of your units PCB as to which firmware type to install.

->For PCBs marked 'Rev 62' or higher, download firmware files from here.

->For PCBs marked lower than 'Rev 62' download firmware files from here.

If you install the wrong firmware for your unit, Pams clock will not appear to start!

-> A list of firmware changes per version is here.