‘Getaphixx’ USB Sample Stick

‘Getaphixx’ an alternate sample library for the ALM Squid Sample . It features a set of 95 new, diverse and unique royalty free sample banks supplied on a *gold* ALM USB stick.

The bespoke varied sounds vary from unique synthesised sounds to captured audio, ranging from digital and analog modular drums and synths, to field recordings, live drums, vinyl samples, and MIDI inspired processed synths. You can preview them HERE.

The samples have been specifically created for the ALM Squid Salmple format. Most Banks have extra sounds chopped into ready spliced “cue chains”, designed for easy manipulation and evolving sounds. There is CV control of these “cue chains” already assigned, allowing for quick and complex sonic results.

Getaphixx was produced and created by Sasha Lewis who was responsible for production, curation and mastering of the banks supplied with the Squid Sample. Sasha is a sound designer & music producer who has worked in the music, film & fashion industry for the last 15 years. He has collaborated with the likes of Jon Hopkins, Four Tet, Leon Vynehall & Toby Ziegler. His music and sound deign have featured on adverts for Vogue, Chanel, National Geographic and Lady Gaga’s recent Elle campaign amongst many more.

The banks are supplied on a 4GB ALM USB stick. Its a robust metal compact stick that can be attached to a key ring or lanyard.

Please note your Salmple needs to be running at least firmware version 186 to support these sticks.