ALM / Busy Circuits is a UK based audio electronics company producing original, useful and fun devices for the creation, manipulation and control of sound. We focus primarily on the Eurorack modular synthesizer format.

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    8 Channel Audio & CV Sampler
  • mmMidi
    MIDI to CV interface
  • MCO
    Compact Digital VCO
  • Quaid Megaslope
    Multi Mode Modulator
  • HPO
    Headphone Output
  • MUM M8
    Low Pass Filter
  • Pamela's NEW Workout
    Master Clock and Modulator
  • PNW Expanders
    Extra Pam Classes!
  • PE-1
    Dual Band Parametric EQ
  • Akemie's Taiko
    FM Drum Voice
  • Sid Guts Deluxe
    Eurorack SID Voice
  • Akemie's Castle
    Digital FM Dual VCO
  • O/A/x2
    Dual offset and attenuverter
  • Tangle Quartet
    Quad Linear VCA and Mixer
  • Pip Slope
    Compact Envelope Generator
  • Boss Bow Tie
    Voltage Controlled Switch
  • S.B.G
    Effects Pedal Adapter
  • Dinky's Taiko
    12 Bit Digital Drum Voice
  • Beast’s Chalkboard
    Octave Switcher + More
Module Index
  • ALM023: mmMidi
  • ALM021: MCO
  • ALM020: Quaid Megaslope
  • ALM019: HPO
  • ALM018: MUM M8
  • ALM017: Pamela's NEW Workout
  • ALM017-EX: PNW Expanders
  • ALM016: PE-1
  • ALM015: Akemie's Taiko
  • ALM012: Sid Guts Deluxe
  • ALM011: Akemie's Castle
  • ALM010: O/A/x2
  • ALM009: Tangle Quartet
  • ALM008: Pip Slope
  • ALM007: Boss Bow Tie
  • ALM006: S.B.G
  • ALM005: Dinky's Taiko
  • ALM002: Beast’s Chalkboard
    • Discontinued
    • ALM001: Pamela's Workout ×
    • ALM003: SID GUTS ×
    • ALM013: Haswell's Taiko ×
    • ALM004: D.S.G ×