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Dual BX Preamp, EQ & Mixer


The BXx2 is a dual channel preamp, EQ and mixer based on the classic Boss BX series mixers. Well loved for their unique character and musicality, the sound of the BX is found throughout countless techno records from the 80s & 90s.

With the inclusion of both input gain and level controls, each channel can be overdriven, producing the signature saturated and lively sound the BX mixers are known for. The EQ controls provide the channels with simple but great sounding high and low shelf EQs for emphasising and shaping sounds as well as the tonality of the drive. An additional Aux input allows another mixer or extra sound source to be chained in.

The BXx2 is a simple but powerful sound shaping tool, adding colour and warmth to anything patched through it. It was designed in collaboration with Feedback Modules – based on their single channel PRE BX module and has a limited release of only 300 units.


  • Dual mixer channels with additional auxiliary mix input.
  • Overdriving preamps with separate gain and level controls.
  • Per channel high & low shelf EQ.
  • Skiff friendly with reverse power protection.
  • Made in England.

Technical Specifications

Supply: +12V 10mA / -12V 10mA

Size: 8HP

Depth: 32mm

Watch & Learn

Introducing BXx2

BXx2 pairs well with the SQUID SALMPLE, Jumble Henge & MEGA-TANG.

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