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Pamela's NEW Workout:
Master Clock and Modulator


Pamela’s NEW Workout’ is a compact programmable clocked modulation source for your Eurorack modular synthesiser system. It provides 8 highly editable outputs producing various control voltage signals correlated and synced to a BPM based master clock.

Building on the original ’Pamela’s Workout’, this new evolved model maintains the original’s form factor and intuitive workflow but greatly improves on and adds many new features with upgraded hardware, a new OLED display and rewritten software.

Each output is now able to provide not just clocked triggers but also rhythmic waveforms with many parameters controllable directly and via assigning to external CV control. Pamela has grown beyond a clever clock and now provides almost limitless synced modulation possibilities.

Improvements have been made to overall clock stability and integration with external clocks and devices. Also new are dedicated MIDI and Din Sync clock outputs available via optional expander modules.

Occasionally we release limited and special edition colorway Pams available only from our webstore.

Note the Pamela’s NEW Workout is now DISCONTINUED. Please see the much improved Pamela’s PRO Workout.


  • BPM based clock with tempo rates 10-300BPM.
  • 8 Clocked voltage outputs each with independent adjustable;
  • Clock divisors and multipliers from /512 to x48 including various non integer factors.
  • Gated, Triangle, Sine, Envelope & random base waveforms.
  • Waveform level and pulse width / skewing.
  • Phase, Delay and delay division (for complex swing)
  • Euclidean and random step skipping with beat based looping for rhythm creation
  • Basic quantisation of output levels to various musical scales (firmware 204+)
  • Logic operation selection at each output to combine channels. Choose between AND, OR, and XOR. (firmware 205+)
  • All output parameters assignable to x2 CV inputs with individual software offset, attenuation and monitoring.
  • Per output and group saving and loading to 200 banks.
  • Voltage and direct control of clock stop/start, reset and rate.
  • Sync to an external clock input at 48 to 1 PPQN.
  • Realtime intuitive user interface with high resolution LED display.
  • Provides dedicated DIN Sync and MIDI clock output via optional expander(s).
  • Easy firmware upgrades via USB port.
  • Unlikely to actually improve aerobic fitness.

Technical Specifications

Supply: +12V 50mA / -12V 0.5mA

Size: 8HP

Depth: 32mm (including power header)

Outputs: 0-5V buffered low impedance

CV Inputs: CV 1 0V-5V / CV 2 -5V-5V

Trigger Inputs: Clock, Run – rising edge 700mV min

Watch & Learn

Pamela's NEW Workout - Pam Vs Squid.

Pamela’s NEW Workout works well with pretty much anything that takes a trigger or CV input.. and of course the Expanders .

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