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Stereo Summing Mixer


The ‘STEREO SUM’ is a unity gain summing mixer that features four stereo input pairs summed as pairs to two independent mix outs or all as a single combined mix. It is a useful utility for efficiently combining outputs of multiple stereo sources, such as the MEGA-TANG and Jumble Henge mixers or multiple MFX returns.

The inputs accept stereo or mono signals (via normalisation) which can be audio or CV (module is DC coupled) and the top mixer’s outputs are normalised to the bottom mixer section meaning if the upper output is left unpatched the two upper inputs will be added to the lower output.


  • 4 stereo input pairs
  • 2 stereo output pairs
  • Functions as a two smaller mixers or one larger mixer (via normalisiation)
  • DC Coupled for the mixing of audio or CV signals
  • Skiff friendly with reverse power protection
  • Made in England

Technical Specifications

Supply: +12V 8ma -12V 8ma

Size: 4HP

Depth: 32mm

Watch & Learn

Introducing STEREO SUM

Stereo Sum works well with Jumble Henge, MFX and MEGA-TANG.

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