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MFX DigiVerbs:
Almicon and QuaidraVerb Plugins


‘MFX Digiverbs’ is a pair of our favourite vintage digital reverbs, the Almicon and QuaidraVerb, ported from our popular multi effect MFX module and pedal as plugins for use in your favourite DAW.

Both plugins run the same DSP code from the MFX hardware, but each has some added enhancements for extra creativity. The algorithms are heavily influenced by some of our favourite early digital reverb implementations. A clean simple user interface gives quick and easy access to classic 80s and 90s digital reverb sounds.

‘MFX Digiverbs’ is available for purchase now for macOS and Windows. Purchase to get emailed a unique download link.


  • Enhanced Almicon and QuaidraVerb reverb engines from the ALM MFX for your DAW!
  • Inspired by early digital reverb DSP implementations.
  • Size, predelay, damping, diffusion and lowcut controls.
  • Era controls for switching from the modern ‘now’ to more crunchy 80s/90s modes.
  • Individual Dry and Wet controls.
  • Pregain controls for the input.
  • Freeze locks the current reverb tail for as long as possible.
  • QuaidraVerb has an additional Gate parameter which sets a threshold to automatically gate the reverb.
  • Almicon has an an additional Mod parameter which controls an LFO.


MacOS 11 ‘Big Sur’ or later and a DAW that supports VST3 or Component (AU) format plugins.

Windows 10 or later and a DAW that supports VST3 format plugins.

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MFX DigiVerbs - Almicon & QuaidraVerb Plugins


  • 06/24 – v1.0 release.
    • Initial public release

‘MFX Digiverbs’ pairs well with the Motto Akemie.

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