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Multimode Sequencer


The ASQ-1 is a multi mode Eurorack sequencer. It can simultaneously sequence two CV/GATE and four trigger patterns, as well as perform synchronised quantisation of an external CV signal. Programming of all patterns is performed using familiar classic paradigms – SH101 style step-time note entry and classic drum machine pattern editing – with satisfying mechanical computer style keys.

Pattern position, step info, length and clock division settings are communicated via the keys and LEDs. Through simple key combinations, global and performance oriented features such as mutes, transposition and saving / loading patterns are available.

ASQ-1 is designed to be a simple, immediate sequencer ideally suited to quickly jamming out ideas, having happy accidents and performing live. It is intended to be a fun and hands on alternative to the many increasingly complex hardware sequencers out there.


  • 2x step time style CV/Gate sequencers. Think ‘SH101’ but more turbo.
  • 4x drum machine style pattern sequencers.
  • 1x Clock synced external hi-res CV quantiser.
  • Intuitive, immediate and fun performance orientated interface with great ASMR.
  • Internal or external clocking with optional internal division per pattern.
  • Independent poly rhythmical sequence lengths.
  • All patterns saveable and persist with state across power cycles.
  • USB-C port for easy drag and drop FW updates and backing up sequence data.
  • Skiff friendly with reverse power protection.
  • Made in England.

Technical Specifications

Supply: +12V 50mA / -12V 10mA

Size: 32HP

Depth: 32mm

Outs: 0-5V 16 bit CV outputs, 5V Triggers

Watch & Learn

Introducing ASQ-1
ASQ-1 - Firmware Update 003 - New Features
ASQ-1 Firmware Update Process

ASQ-1 pairs well with Pamela’s NEW Workout, Squid Salmple and our drum voice modules.

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