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ALM VCV Modules

Full ‘virtual’ software versions of popular ALM Busy Circuits modules are now available for VCV Rack, the virtual modular platform based on Eurorack modular synthesisers.

All listed modules are available to purchase now from the VCV Rack Store alongside a selection of free modules. A bundle of all paid modules is also available at a discounted price.

Create simple clocked triggers, complex rhythmic waveforms, quanitized melodic patterns or random chaos with Pamela’s PRO Workout, access a multitude of classic hardware effects processors with the MFX, and generate classic 12-bit digital wavetable drum voices via the ‘Tyso Daiko’.

See below for full specs and links to purchase and download modules via the VCV store.


Pamela's PRO Workout is a compact programmable clocked modulation source for your Eurorack modular synthesiser system. It provides 8 highly editable outputs producing various control voltage signals, all correlated and synced to a BPM based master clock.

Each output can produce anything from simple clocked triggers to complex rhythmic waveforms, quanitsed melodic patterns or random chaos with many parameters controllable directly or via assigned external CV. These features, combined with a proven, easy to use and quick user interface provide almost limitless synced modulation possibilities in a tiny amount of space.

The VCV software Pamela’s PRO Workout plugin runs the exact same core DSP and user interface code as the physical Eurorack module. It includes the ‘AXON-2’ CV expander and offers additional features such as support for multiple instances plus keyboard and mouse control shortcuts.

Buy VCV Pam Pro $20


The MFX is a compact stereo digital audio multi effects processor offering 16 different full featured effects programs plus a number of metering utilities.

Inspired by our favourite classic hardware effects processors, the MFX incorporates DSP technologies from the dawn of digital effects in the 70s to the present day. This combines with ALM character and uniqueness to form a highly useful, fun and practical effects module.

The VCV software MFX plugin runs the exact same core DSP and user interface code as the physical Eurorack module. It includes the ‘AXON-1’ CV expander and offers additional features such as support for multiple instances plus keyboard and mouse control shortcuts.

For full details on the functionality of the VCV rack edition please refer to page 46 of the MFX manual.

Buy VCV MFX $20


Our dual 12-bit digital wavetable drum voice - the 'Tyso Daiko' is now available for purchase in VCV rack. It shares the same one of a kind sound engine as the physical Eurorack module.

The Tyso Daiko is a dual 12-bit wavetable drum voice that features a wide ranging pitch sweep section, tilt EQ, digital wavefolder, unique surface control, and CV control over all parameters.

The twin voices are independently triggered and output, but share pitch, envelope and other parameters of a swept wavetable oscillator. One voice is output through a voltage controlled analog tilt EQ emphasising upper or lower frequencies. The other voice is output through a digital wavefolder which adds increasing timbre complexity reaching noise.

Both voices respond independently to an accent input and the first voice is able to be ‘choked’. A surface control allows for fine control of additional transients from punch to click to a slow attack.

Full voltage control including a V/Oct pitch input makes the Daiko a fun, expressive and wide ranging drum module with extremely wide palette of sounds with lots of modulation possibilities.



A selection of useful virtualised ALM VCV modules are available for free download. Try out a module before purchasing the physical version or just enjoy using. The free modules include:

Pip Slope (mk II): Compact Envelope Generator

The ‘Pip Slope’ (rev II) is a compact envelope and function generator. It supports both Attack/Decay and Attack/Sustain/Decay type envelopes with both direct and voltage control of Attack and Decay times. Envelope shapes can be morphed between exponential, linear and logarithmic type slopes. Envelopes can be made to loop, repeating infinitely or decreasing with time or amplitude for echo and bouncing ball type effects. An ‘End of Cycle’ trigger output further extends the envelopes functionality for both clocking and burst or fill type effects.

The improved Pip Slope adds a number of new features and updates over the original Pip. These include increased output resolution, finer control of fast envelopes, a new morphing shape control, switchable 5v or 8v maximum envelope level, additional loop modes and an additional trigger output.

Beast’s Chalkboard: Octave Switcher & More

Beast’s Chalkboard is dual channel stepped voltage source and adder for your eurorack modular synthesizer system. It can also function as a dual precision buffered mult.

It primarily is intended as a dual octave switcher for VCO’s but has many other uses including sequence transposition, FM ratio creation, buffered CV distribution and VCO calibration.

O/A/x2: Dual Offset & Attenuverter

‘O/A/x2’ is a dual channel attenuverter with each channel also including a bipolar voltage offset and LED monitoring. The module is primarily intended for fine grain flexible ‘editing’ of control signals (i.e changing the phase, level and DC offset of an LFO signal) but also has uses with audio signals such as attenuation, inversion and mixing.

MCO: Compact Digital VCO

The ‘MCO’ is a compact digital oscillator. It features a main ‘morphing’ wavetable output, an additional copy of this output with overlaid variable pulse width segments (ala Alpha Juno style saw wave pwm) and a sub square wave output an octave down to the main output. The waveform and pulse segment width and be both directly and voltage controlled. The pulse segment distribution can also be voltage controlled via the ‘type’ input.

Expect an early 90s slightly crunchy digital type sound (ala Ensoniq, Kawai KX synths) rather than something striving for perfect analog emulation.

The VCV software MCO plugin runs the exact same core DSP and user interface code as the physical Eurorack module.

Tangle Quartet: Quad Linear VCA & Mixer

‘Tangle Quartet’ is a high quality quad linear voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) providing individual level control of 4 signal inputs with both individual outputs and a combined ‘mix’ output (for non patched outputs). Control signal inputs and associated attenuation controls allow for voltage control of signal levels. Control inputs are normalised to 5v thus providing manual mix control in the absence of control signals.

Download free ALM VCV Modules

  • 25/03 – VCV Freebies update
    • New Mega-Tang, Stereo Sum and MFD modules
  • 22/03 – VCV MFX 111 release
    • In sync with hardware firmware release
  • 12/03 – VCV Cizzle initial release
    • In sync with hardware firmware release
  • 11/01 – VCV Pamela’s PRO Workout 125 release
    • In sync with hardware firmware release
    • Updates to internal clock stability
  • 20/12 – VCV MFX 110 release
    • In sync with hardware firmware release
  • 08/12 – VCV Pamela’s PRO Workout 123.2 update
    • Added ‘Export banks’ and ‘Import banks’ options to context menu that can be used to save and restore a physical Pam’s state in VCV or vice-versa
  • 03/11 – VCV Pamela’s PRO Workout 123.1 update
    • Improves visual feedback for external sync on most devices
  • 27/10 – VCV MFX 108 release
    • In sync with hardware firmware release
  • 12/10 – VCV Pamela’s PRO Workout initial release (123)
    • In sync with hardware firmware release
  • 09/10 – VCV MFX 107 release
    • In sync with hardware firmware release

ALM VCV In Action

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Bank transfer between VCV Pamela's PRO Workout and Hardware

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