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Motto Akemie:
FM Drum Synth and Step Sequencer


‘Motto Akemie’ is a 6 Voice FM drum synth and step sequencer for your DAW.

Each voice is inspired by our renowned ‘Akemie’s Taiko‘ eurorack module featuring similar controls and playful FM sounds from pure sinusoidal oscillations to mega clonks to chaotic self-feedbacking enveloped noise.

The built in multitrack step sequencer allows for quick polyrhythmic pattern creation with step modulation of all parameters, randomisation and Pam style scaling across storable pattern banks and presets.

Voices can also be played chromatically and controlled via MIDI with support for MTS-ESP microtuning.

Motto Akemie is available for purchase now for macOS and Windows. Purchase to get emailed a license key. Downloads run fully functional for 7 days before requiring a license key.


  • 6 Akemie’s Taiko based FM drum voices.
  • Dual operator voices with the Taiko controls and wavetables.
  • Mute, solo and level controls per voice.
  • Per voice step sequencers with variable sequence length and speed.
  • Per step modulation sequencers for all voice parameters.
  • Track randomise and clear quick controls.
  • 16 pattern banks to quickly, copy, save and load patterns.
  • Multi-channel DAW output support.
  • Full automation and MIDI control per voice from separate MIDI channels.
  • MTS-ESP support for microtuning.
  • Intuitive and varied stock presets.


MacOS 11 ‘Big Sur’ or later and a DAW that supports VST3 or Component (AU) format plugins.

Windows 10 or later and a DAW that supports VST3 format plugins.

We advise you download and run with a trial license first to check compatibility before purchase.

Demo Videos

Included Presets



VST3 / AU. Universal binary. Requires macOS 11.7 ‘Big Sur’ or higher.


VST3. Requires 64bit Windows 10 or higher.

Downloads will run fully functional for a 7 day trial before requiring purchased license key. Valid email required.

Purchase license key – $40


  • 05/24 – v1.2 release.
    • New Random Skip parameter added to modulations.
    • Fix sawtooth wavetable.
    • New “Chance” preset.
  • 03/24 – v1.1 release.
    • Multiple channel DAW output support added.
    • New Delay parameter added to modulations.
    • New Mumdance presets.
    • Pattern saving bug fix.
  • 02/24 – v1.0 release.
    • Initial public release

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