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CV Expander for Squid Salmple & MFX


AXON-1 is a 4HP expander module for the SQUID SALMPLE and MFX that provides 4 additional freely assignable CV inputs.

The addition of AXON-1 brings the Squid or MFX’s total number of CV inputs to 7, greatly increasing the possibilities for vast modular sampler or FX program manipulation.

Each modulation assignment includes digital attenuation and offset and behaves just like the main module’s built in CV inputs.

If used with the Squid Salmple, AXON-1 requires firmware 166 or later installed to function! Please see the Squid Manual for the update procedure.


  • 4 Additional freely assignable CV inputs for the SQUID SALMPLE & MFX
  • Per assignment digital attenuation and offset
  • All assignments and settings saved with banks
  • Powered directly from Squid, no additional power header required
  • Made in England
  • Skiff friendly

Technical Specifications

Power: Additional 40mA on +12V

Size: 4HP

Depth: 38mm


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