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ALM022: Squid Salmple

Squid Salmple

If you are having problems with a firmware update, please check the following;

– You’ve read the procedure outline in the manual

– Firmware file is correctly named ‘alm022-fw.bin’ and exists in the root (top level) of the USB stick.

– USB stick readable by the squid (you can save/load banks to/from it ok)

– If still issues, try booting the Squid with no USB stick inserted but ‘Func’ button held down. Hold ‘Func’ + wait for approx 15 seconds, then release (screen will be blank) and then insert USB stick and again wait approx 30 seconds for update to start – screen should display that it updating.

It’s sALMple.

Adjacent channels on the Squid are digitally mixed and no effort is made to limit or compress the mix. Thus if levels are too high on either, harsh digital clipping can occur. To avoid this, simply lower the level param of either sample until clipping stops.

To work well, the ‘Auto split’ cue set option needs the following;

– Obvious sections of silence or ‘zero crossings’ within the recorded sample.

– No high levels of noise on record sample (i.e sample actually never silent)

– No large DC offset on the recorded audio.

It is easiest to check for the above by observing the sample in a wave editor type program on your computer. The saved sample is just a .wav file on the USB key – see the alm022/ sub directories.

The Squid Salmple has received numerous regular firmware updates which as well as adding new features also fix bugs. If you are experiencing obvious issues it is well worth first checking you are running the latest firmware as issues may well have been fixed.

The Squid firmware version is shown on boot and the latest firmware version can always be found on the bottom of the Squid Salmple product page.

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