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Low Pass Filter


‘MUM M8’ is an 8hp Eurorack low pass filter building on the filter design used in the classic Akai S950 12 bit sampler with the addition of resonance, voltage control, clipped saturation and a dedicated VCA.

The low pass filter gives the recognisable super smooth vacuum like tone sucking sound which works magic on complex sources. The addition of clipped overdrive and intentionally aggressive self oscillating resonance compliment the smooth filter core by juxtaposing it into more wasp like territory with acidic squeals and a more gritty sound.

The filter core is a 6th Order Butterworth switched capacitor type design featuring an analog core but controlled by a high speed digital clock. This produces the characteristic smooth sounding filter but, as with the original S950, has a relatively high minimum cut off as to avoid ‘clock bleed’ into the filter output from the digital control. This minimum cut of point can be controlled via trimmers on the rear of the module.

The motivation for the module came from discussing filters in classic samplers with the artist Jack Adams – aka Mumdance. Jack suggested investigating the S950’s filter well known for its use in classic early jungle and hardcore. From that point onward Jack provided inspiration, help and feedback in the development of the filter. Big up Mumdance.


  • Eurorack recreation of classic sampler filter with added resonance and voltage control.
  • Dual audio inputs, one with VCA and level control.
  • Dual CV (with attenuversion) and manual control of cut off frequency.
  • Single CV (with attenuation) and manual control of resonance.
  • Ability to overdrive and saturate signals into filter core.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Skiff friendly.
  • Designed and Made in the UK
  • Mumdance approved 💯

Technical Specifications

Supply: +12V 40mA / -12V 40mA

Size: 8HP

Depth: 32mm (including power header)

Watch & Learn

'MUM M8' - Teaser VIdeo
'MUM M8' - Processing Drums
'MUM M8' - Chord sweeps
'MUM M8' - Squelch
'MUM M8' - VCA Drive
'MUM M8' - Tone Sweep

MUM M8 works well with complex or rich sources such as Akemie’s Castle, MCO and Squid Salmple.

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