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CV Expander & Controller


AXON-2 is an 8HP expander module for the SQUID SALMPLE, MFX and Pamela’s PRO Workout that like the AXON-1 provides 4 additional freely assignable CV inputs but additionally adds manual offset controls and 2 additional ‘performance’ buttons.

The addition of AXON-2 increases the Squid, MFX or Pam PRO’s total number of CV inputs by 4, greatly increasing the possibilities for vast modular manipulation. Each of the CV inputs includes an offset for hands on control over parameters assigned to CV. Per assignment digital attenuation and offset via the host module is also available for fine tuning the modulation or control over parameters.

The AXON-2’s large buttons are great for controlling select functions in a live performance environment or adding convenient quick navigation shortcuts when making edits. The buttons functionality and assignability are dependent on the host module. See respective manuals for details.

NOTE: AXON-2 support requires the latest firmware be installed for Pam Pro (120 or newer), Squid (187 or newer) and MFX (105 or newer).


  • 4 Additional freely assignable CV inputs for the SQUID SALMPLE, MFX or Pamela’s PRO Workout
  • Manual offset knob controls
  • Two Assignable performance buttons for mutes, tap tempo, navigation, etc (dependant on module)
  • Powered directly from the module, no additional power header required
  • Made in England
  • Skiff friendly

Technical Specifications

Power: Additional approx 10mA on +12V

Size: 8HP

Depth: 38mm

Watch & Learn

AXON-1 & 2 Basics

AXON-2 only works with SQUID SALMPLE, MFX & Pamela’s PRO Workout.

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