UTTU x ALM USB Sample Stick

ALM Busy Circuits have teamed up with Unknown To The Unknown to present a fun alternative sample library for the ALM Squid Sample . Exclusive to ALM this “UTTU Data Dump” features 90 banks of royalty free samples & loops on a branded yellow USB stick.

Designed to be used as a starting block for the music making process – turning the Squid Salmple into a groove box loaded with an arsenal of sounds cranked from various ALM sound modules.

Produced & recorded by UTTU’s DJ Haus with the intention to capture the spirit and wide-ranging palette of ALM – where the user can get immediate access to the wide range of Busy Circuit flavours from FM twangs, vocal blurts and retro-bass one shots to more in-depth loops exploring the nooks and crannies of ALM Modules under heavy modulation. You can preview them here. Watch an overview of DJ Haus’ workflow with the Squid Salmple on our recent Busy Visits.

Active on underground dance music labels such as Clone, Crème Organisation, Rinse FM & Dixon Avenue Basement Jams since 2012 DJ Haus set up Unknown To The Unknown as an exponential outlet for everything and anything in electronic music from software, events, records to currently manifesting itself into ALM’s flagship Squid Salmper.

The banks are supplied on a 4GB ALM USB stick. Its a plastic compact stick featuring UTTU and ALM logos that can be attached to a key ring or lanyard.

Please note your Salmple needs to be running at least firmware version 186 to support these sticks.