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ALM 017: Pamela’s NEW Workout

Pam General Issues

It is likely you’ve set the BPM to be CV controlled.

Go to the BPM screen, long hold the program knob and check the ‘PPQN’ setting isn’t set to ‘CV’ – if it is change to a numerical value (24 is the default) and things should return to normal.

Pam’s outputs are 10 bit and run at limited update rate (see manual). If you modulate the amplitude of a pure-ish signal with clean VCA then you may well hear ‘zipper’ type noise from aliasing in the modulation signal.

Possible workarounds include; running the Pam output through a low pass or slew to smooth it out pre CV destination, using a slower modulation speed, or using Pam just to sync an analog modulator – which in turn modulates the destination (at much higher res).

Pam’s display is already running at maximum brightness. There is no user setting.

The display is not super bright but should be readable under normal room lighting (not so much direct sunlight).

Note that the display automatically dims after a period of non usage but it should ‘wake up’ as soon as interacted with.

Trade secret.

Pam Syncing Issues

Different systems may round the actual clock’s displayed value up or down differently. Sometimes the BPM display on Pam will be off by 1 or jumping between two neighbouring BPMs as a result.

This is almost always exclusive to the BPM readout, trust your ears, if it sounds in sync it is.

Set an output on Pam #1 to x24, patch to the clock input of Pam #2.

Set another output on Pam #1 to ‘On’ and patch that to the Run input of Pam #2.

Using the ‘Pexp2’ expander eliminates the need to use two of Pam #1’s output channels. Patch directly from the clock and run outputs on ‘Pexp2’ to Pam #2’s inputs to sync.

You need to physically sync the two devices either via a MIDI clock connection or analogue style clock.

Matching displayed BPM readout across devices is simply not enough to keep sync due to slight differences in timing between equipment and lack of a consistent starting point.

Pam Firmware Issues

There are two versions of each firmware release: one for PCBs marked before REV062 and one for PCBs marked after REV062. The clock will not start if you installed the wrong firmware for your revision. Don’t panic! Simply repeat the process with the correct .bin file matching the revision of your PCB.

Please Check:

  • — USB cable is not a ‘charge only’ type cable. Try a different cable.
  • — Pam isn’t powered via Euro power cable.
  • — Pam is the sole usb device directly connected to computer (no hub) .
  • — If on Mac and the GUI has failed to identify, be sure to try the terminal ‘dfu’util’ mechanism.
  • — If all else fails try on a different computer

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