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ALM006: S.B.G.

General Issues

The reason for the two gain controls (black thumb knobs) is to accommodate the many different pedal designs that are out there. To be safe, start with low levels when connecting S.B.G. to your pedal(s). It is extremely unlikely you will damage anything even with high levels, if set too high you may just hear unwanted distortion.

The bottom section of the S.B.G. limits CV signals to a maximum 3 or 5 volts as to be safely patched into a padel expression input. You should also use the included ‘floating ring cable’ which comes with the S.B.G. If you are unsure which maximum voltage your pedal expects you should contact the manufacturer but you should always be safe with the 3v output.

Yes, mono line level outputs can amplified to Eurorack level by the S.B.G. 

Set the wet/dry mix fully clockwise and patch the external signal to the return input. The small black knob will adjust your input level.

As always keep an ear out for unwanted clipping when amplifying signals.

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